Style File: Thrifty Made Sassy, Fun & Sexy

style-file1This week in Style File by Rene, I am talking about how to make thrifty clothing sassy and fun, and even sexy.

My husband and I were out on the last day of Goodwill’s $2 sale last Saturday.  He likes to go when they have them because he  tends to come away with designer shirts, Old Navy jeans and other jeans that he likes.

This past weekend I walked away with a pair of Bamboo wedges and a beautiful vintage style top that has a lace hemmed trim, which makes it really pretty.

16299104_909189982517244_2181810187456425178_nI was surprised when I saw these.  I have seen these types of wedges, but never thought I’d actually get a pair. When they first came out I shyed away from them because I thought, “oh my, I could never walk in those!”  This coming from someone who likes to wear 6 inch platform high heels.  But I got them.  They were brand new.  Not a smudge on them.  I tried them on, they fit beautifully. Photo by J. Jackson.

Dubbed the Whistle01 Gaga Platform Wedge, they are now among the hard to find unless you get them from Ebay which I found at $40.50, and hope you find them in your size.

51aywazbbcl-_uy500_I discovered they come in black and red as well.  As it turns out the color I have is the nude, which is very nice and goes with my ensemble very well.  At one time, Amazon had them, but I have checked and they are completely sold out in all colors. Happy hunting there!!!

Surprisingly, these are size 7 1/2.  Some of their shoes I have to get a half size up just for the comfort, and to not rub against my big toe.  These work just fine.  They’re comfortable, stylish, and really changed my mind about this design in wedges, of course I won’t go for the more extreme where you look like you’re going to fall on your ass if you lean backwards or lose your balance by the slightest movement.

5114viixddl-_uy395_The wedge measures approximately over 5.8 inch high.  This particular style does run a little small, which is why it is recommended to go a half size up for comfort.  They look good, but you have to keep comfort well in mind.

The ankle strap adds a really nice touch to it, especially for wearing capris jeans, dress shorts, skirts, or even a nice pants ensemble.

I have not determined if the strap is removable or not, but why would you want to remove it.  It is what adds appeal to the shoes.
vintage2So, let’s talk about the ensemble.  First off, I was looking for something to wear with the wedges.  I had gone up and down almost every aisle I could until I went back down one particular aisle, took my time and came across this vintage style, long sleeve top.  The detail in the top is very nice.  It’s multi colors layout give sit that vintage look.

The fabric is very fine and delicate.  Not really made for the washing machine.  It is an extra large, fits very well in all the right place, the sleeves are the right length, not too tight, and the neck line sits low enough to allow for an attractive appeal.

This is one of those you either hand wash have it dry cleaned.

Cost for this pretty piece?  $2.00 at Goodwill’s $2 Two-Day Sale, which usually happens at the last Friday and Saturday of the month.  But I think my husband told me that this sale was their annual sale.  So, I’m not sure if they’ll do it again.

Next, I pair the top with my dark blue capris jeans that I had gotten at another sale they had.  Again, they were brand new, still had the tags in them.  When I got home I couldn’t wait to pull them out and match them up with the top and the wedges.

16195622_909173372518905_8636074721243295783_nThis is why this is a part of my Style File because you can make thrity look trendy, sassy, fun and sexy if you know what you are looking for, and have an eye for detail and quality.

Together the combination makes one hell of an ensemble.  And makes this woman over 40 look hip, trendy, sassy, and sexy without looking over or under dressed.

This ensemble is perfect for Friday casual, going to a family fun event, or hanging out with the girls.  It’s comfortable, weekending friendly, and it also says I’m ready for the Spring/Summer season

Now, when you are buying thrifty keep in mind that anything you buy should washed before you wear it.  Remember you are buying someone else’s treasure.

Total cost I paid for the entire ensemble, $13.99 for what would have probably cost more than $75 dollars ir purchased at retail.

I stopped shopping at thrift stores years ago when I realize that the 95% of my wardrobe was from a thrift store and I was working everyday.  What turned me back on to it is my husband doesn’t mind saving a dollar or two if it means he can get quality top dollar shirts and jeans at a fraction of the cost if he were to buy retail.  Don’t get me wrong, he does like to shop at Kohls, and sometimes get his jeans at Wal-Mart, but he finds nothing wrong with thrift shopping, and as his wife, I’m right there with him.

If you’re into thrift shopping, or you have never tried it before, go to your local thrift store, take your time and see what treasures you uncover.

This has been another week in Style File by Rene.


Shoe Reviews: The Sling Back High Heel Satisfies in Sexy Style


Shoe Review: Here they are!!! My latest pair to add to my newly growing collection. Arrived last week….just had time to really get a good look at them. I love they overall detail of the shoes. How each beading was strategically placed to get this beautiful design on a classic style shoe. The heel height is very attractive. With Spring/Summer months not too far off I am getting prepared.


The Comfort & Feel: I look for comfort in every pair of high heels I buy. In a peep toe platform this is especially important. I tried them on….they look and feel good and can’t wait to wear them with my new ensemble I put together. They feel true to size….I wear a size 7. If you have a wide foot, I recommend a half or whole size up.


Overall Style: They put a modern twist on a classic shoe.  Adding beading and an elegant look that compliments the best ensembles.  Of course this is one style I have not seen before, so you can imagine when I saw it I was struck and had the “I have to have them” persona.  I was a little intimidated by the heel height at first.  After all it’s been a long time since I’d worn a heel that high.  And anyone who loves me, knows that I love an attractive heel on a good looking pair of shoes.


Of course sling back shoes remain the classic shoe to date.  With designers creatively coming up with new designs to keep them relevant in the fashion world, whether office or night life, or special occasions, the sling back high heel will always have a place.

Cost: The price was nice. I think I want the pink ones. From Amazon, they were $15.99 total. Didn’t cost a lot, true, but let’s see how the quality holds up.

In Conclusion: Although they are probably one of the nicest pair of shoes I’ve had, they did come with a slight blemish on one of them….on the back. This seems to always happen with shoes I buy from Amazon. But it is not significant enough the return them.

I would not consider them for constant wear only because of how they are made and the beading. But I do recommend these for an event, or out on the town. Wearing to the office? I don’t know how these would shape up in an office environment. Proceed with caution there. You’d be the talk of the office for sure.

So this is my review of the sling back, peep toe high heel by Kiss & Tell.

Happy shoe hunting.



Spring/Summer Styles: This Years Fashion Trends

2017 well underway and winter is still upon us with its winter storms.  But what wrong with thinking ahead into the Spring/Summer seasons in what your favorite styles and trends will be?  I’ll be 50 this summer and I tell you, I have already looked at what I plan on wearing for my big day.  Even leading up to August, there are some fun and sexy styles I hope to add to my wardrobe.

So let’s start with shoes to follow with the styles I matched them with.  You know how I love shoes.  High heel sandals have been my favorite every since I discovered them back in 1999 or so.  That is when I was coming close to the end of my nylon days which ended a few short years later.

I spent a lot of time looking for the best shoes for this years Spring/Summer styles because I want to capture the right look.

I picked these not only because they are in my favorite color, bu because I love strap, and plus I have a fun and flirty outfit my husband will just love.


I first saw this top at Rainbow and was like, “Oh yeah…I have to have it!”  I got it with the royal blue pants also at Rainbow you see to the right of the screen.  I paired the pants and top up with the high heel sandals.  I tried the ensemble on and with another pair of blue high heel sandals that I have, and I tell you, I amazingly good!  I am saving this ensemble for when we have a cool day out.

I hope to get these high heel sandals in light blue denim, pink, nude, and hopefully olive green, but my husband and I will need a bigger place with a much larger closet to house my shoe collection. 😀


This is another favorite of mine.  I love the detail in the pencil skirt and the way the blouse and the shoes match beautifully.  What makes this skirt stand out is the yellow detail.  That is what mostly drew me to wanting to get it.  Yes, I will be fashionably dressed.  I may wear this for my 1 year wedding anniversary.

Next up….I originally purchased these shoes for a holiday party my job was going to have last year, but unfortunately chose to have a pot luck instead.  Anyway, I have these beautiful shoes.  Talk about a design.  The one issue I have with them, which is a total work around is the fact that they are not the easiest shoes to put on.  I had to have on some oil on my feet to slide them on.  Once on, they were fine.  These were going to be my holiday shoes.  They have a comfortable platform, back zipper closure.


So, I never got to wear them.  Here is the ensemble I was going to wear. My blue H&M blouse with a white lace skirt I purchased from


I have been checking out the color olive green lately only because I have been seeing some really nices styles in both shoes and fashion and finally made up my mind to start paying close attention.  In the last year I have an olive green sleeveless long jumpsuit and two pairs of different olive green pants which I just love.

So to wear them just right I got these lace up olive green high heel shoes I found at a local boutique I go to when I’m looking for something.


If you lace them up just right, they are quite comfortable.  And the look really good paired with the right ensemble.  They are good for wearing to work, with a casual outfit, or when you are stepping out for the evening.  Either way you’re getting your money’s worth.

Now lat’s talk casual fun.  This is the time I am looking for wedges.  Every Spring and Summer I like to break out my wedges.  For my wish list, I am hoping to get myself a cute pair for floral wedges to wear with my jean capri pants.  I am in the process of putting together an ensemble, so stay tuned for that.  But in the mean time, this is what I will be wearing.


Breckells are my go to for cute wedges.  They have different styles to choose from and the price is just right.  These were a surprising $15.99 down from the usual $25 I’ve paid for my last two from last year.

Casual Fun.png

This is a cute and fun weekend ensemble or a casual Friday at the office.  This would be one of those ensembles I would wear with daughter on one of our mother and daughter day out like we would do before she moved.  The top is a high low top, red in the front.  Very cute.

Last but not least — I’ve saved the very best for last.  These next pair of shoes are sling backs which is a modern take on a classic style.  I am glad to see sling backs getting their deserving place in the shoe industry.

I am not one on sling backs, but when I see a pair that points to everything I love about shoes, I waste no time adding them to my collection.  I like these because of the beading style, the platform and the heal height.  I have a powder blue waist jacket I picked up from Ross that is perfect to wear with these, and my cream colored pants from H&M.  I will be stylish when I step out in that ensemble.

Also, with the cold temperatures, these will be be dazzling when I wear my new belted batwing jacket I purchased from


It’s been said that I’m the best dress of the block, but I just say that I care about how I look when I step out the house headed out somewhere.  Now, you can’t tell me the jacket with these shoes, a really nice top and pair of pants I won’t be looking sharp.  One thing you can say when my husband and I go out, he says he looks like a bum compared to how I’m dressed.  So I’ve been dressing down a bit so he doesn’t feel like, but then again, I get in one of those moods where I have to show off what’s in my wardrobe.

And finally, in closing out this year’s Winter season, I chose a look that encompases everything I love about fashion.


This is another one of my favorites.  I will wear this with a black turtleneck sweater and blue skinny jeans with the light tan threading down the sides.  Perfect style for this season.  The jacket caught my attention and like the belted bat wing jacket with the faux fur collar, it was one I had to have.  This is my Weekend Girl ensemble.  The jacket is from and the boots are from

These are my pics for the Spring/Summer seasons and for closing out the Winter season in style.

If you are looking for styles to fit your individual style and taste email me  at to talk about how you want to change your style and/or enhance your current wardrobe, or you just want to try something new and different or you need guidance in finding what looks best for you because you’ve lost weight or put on some weight.  I can be your style consultant throughout your journey.

I love looking for new trends and being a trend setter.  I am always looking for what’s new, what’s hip, and what women over 40 are wearing.

Remember, shopping for fashion should be fun and not a headache.  Look for styles that compliment your figure your figure.  Use body shape wear to enhance your figure and hide bulges and rolls.

Fashion does not have to cost a fortune if you are living on a budget month to month, and live check to check.  Check out local boutiques that keep their prices moderately low and cater to women of all sizes.

Updated 01/24/17

Fall/Winter Review: Fabulous Styles for the Cool Temperatures

style-10-28-16Hello all of my fashion divas out there.  It’s been a while, but I am back.  So, here we are bracing ourselves for the temperatures to dip down to where we need to break out our favorite fall/winter wears.  I’ve already started pulling out my favorites styles, and have even added new styles to show off how trendy I can look while keeping warm.

So, where I work we moved to a new floor in the same building.  They’ve put in a new air conditioning system that in the last week has been freezing us to death.  With the weather being cool outside and it being cooler inside, I stopped by Rainbow to see what they had in ponchos and turtle necks and decided to pick them up.

This is by far one of my favorite Friday casual outfits.  Or as my daughter would say, I am being flashy for no reason, when I am basically trying to keep warm at the same time.

I paired the poncho with a cream turtle neck sweater.  Because….well….you know a poncho goes very well with a turtle neck sweater.  And with the print design in the poncho, cream color makes the colors in the poncho stand out.

style-10-28-16-2I added a pair of my skinny jeans with the tan trim that goes down the side, and my brown high heel boots with the sexy buckles on them.  These were my 2015 Christmas boots that I had to have from Shiek Shoes.  I put my hair up because I thought it showed off the outfit more.  And I didn’t do a whole lot of accessorizing with this ensemble.  I think the poncho says it all and nothing else was really needed.

I am wearing a watch set minus a couple pieces I picked up from Wal-Mart while visiting my daughter and grand daughter in Crescent City, CA last week.

The jeans I had for some time now.  I picked these up last year because my husband says I don’t have enough jeans so while we were out running errands, we made a stop at Ross and picked up a pair.  I managed to get another pair similar some weeks later and they didn’t cost all that much.  So that was cool.

I like this outfit because it has dual capacity for both work and for hanging out with friends and family.  It’s one of those ensembles I plan to wear the next time my cousin and I have another get together.  I love hanging out with her.  She’s got lots of energy, a light in her that shines like I have not seen in any of my other cousins.

style-10-28-16-3You can also wear flat heeled boots with this ensemble especially if you’re going to be on your feet all day, but you want stay stylish.  The olive tones of the poncho stand out against the turtle neck and it’s not too thick so you won’t over heat.

It’s just a matter of time before the storms start to roll in and the temperatures dip below 50’s.  If you haven’t already started rolling your fall/winter fashion, think about what your styles will be while keeping warm this season.

You don’t have to spend a fortune if you are planning to add some styles to your wardrobe.  Me? I like to add a few pieces every now and the just to have a variety and to keep it interesting.  I have heard, “what will she wear next?” And that’s because I don’t like keep it too simple.

H & M has some pretty cool sweaters that you might enjoy.  And at $19.99 you can’t beat that.  I mean, these types of sweaters usually go for far more than that at other retailers.  And if you get them from Amazon or Ali Express you are looking to pay over $27 for one.

This year it’s about color, blends, patterns, and brown…LOL.  I’ve incorporated more brown and have even some olive green just to throw everybody off.

As you plan your fall/winter fashion wears, remember coordination is everything and if you have to think about wearing it, don’t.  Watch your impulse buys.  I say that because not every buy this season is a good buy.  And if you want people to know you cared about your appearance before you left the house, leave it on the rack at the store.  Food for thought.

My next favorite fall/winter ensemble is this sweater from H & M with the Jessica Simpson ankle boots.

These worn with my other skinny jeans is a hot combination.  Talk about a real head turner!!!  Oh yeah, I am the talk of the crowd wearing this.  So not only will I be keeping warm this season, but I will be trendy and you will hear, “do you see what she is wearing?  She looks nice.”

My accessory choice for the Friday outfit I wore is this nice watch set that set off the entire ensemble.


I’m not much of an accessory person, but I am finding that it can be fun to dress up an ensemble.

This is just quick look at how I am dressing up my fall/winter wardrobes.

Fashion: Blue and Flowers – Coordinating Solids with Patterns

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here with my favorite color blue in a style dress I really like and have been trying to get a hold of.  So, when we think about how we are going to coordinate a blue dress we don’t think of going outside the box with a patterned shoe, let alone a high heel sandal.

What I’m doing is breaking traditional coordinating rules by taking it a step further in how we pair up dresses and shoes, and choosing different styles we would not have ordinarily chose.

I wanted to create a dual look, meaning one look for an occasion and an office look.  It’s the Spring/Summer season and it’s been a long time since I’ve looked at blue dresses, so I thought why not, especially since I have half of the clothes I used to have and half of the shoes I used to have — that it makes it that much more fun redefining my wardrobe and shoe collection.

ANGVNS 5-17-16I got the dress from, which is usually now my first go-to when I’m looking for something simple, but with a sharp and classy look.  I like the rouching on this dress because it hides all the right areas of my mid section and doesn’t draw attention to it, especially if I wear Spanx underneath to hold it all in and give me smooth curves where I want them.

I like the detail of the front of the dress, it is sleeveless, and has the crisscross in the front with a deep neckline which I like.  I could wear a blazer if I chose to for the office to give it a more professional look.  But if I’m stepping out, then let’s go with a nice clutch purse, sexy accessories and a killer high heel sandal to give the look some pizzazz.

It’s simple enough to create more than one look.

Floral 5-17-16Because I want to create two looks with this dress I’m first going with the floral high heel sandal to give it that Spring/Summer look.  I have wanted these in a high heel pump, but when I saw these in one of the style sandals I like, and at a reasonable price, I couldn’t let it pass me by.  I had to add them to my newly growing shoe collection.

The D-Orsay Sandals by Delicious have always been my favorite, next to Michael Antonio’s sandals.  Delicious presents a wide variety of colors in solids and floral prints to coordinate the best ensemble whether for work or play and are usually priced within the $25.99 range and up.

If you’re going to go with a solid shoe, I recommend a lighter color like a pastel color, nude, or even a blush color.  Or you can go with a blue on the same shade as the dress, but bring it up with light colored accessories if you’re into accessorizing.

Cost for this entire ensemble?  Under $70 and that’s with two day shipping.

Want to create a look like this or something similar?  Contact me at and let’s talk about the look.



Style File News: 4th and Elm Boutique

style-file1Today in Style File News, is about boutique glamour.  Hi, everybody, it’s your fashionista again, René, spotlighting one of Long Beach’s hidden treasures just east of Long Beach Boulevard located on 4th Street.

I have lived in Long Beach, CA going on two years now and I have come to appreciate many of the hidden treasures the city has to offer.  When you least expect it you will come to find some great eating places, fine entertainment, community get togethers, and eloquent shopping outside of the normal mall shopping venues.

12990933_10208252680571376_988788601209372275_nGetting out to get better acquainted with your community can be a rewarding experience as I have discovered. So, while I was out last Saturday, I met Lorie Scott, owner of one of the hottest boutiques I have ever gone into in all my years of boutique shopping.  It’s called 4th and Elm Boutique.  I first saw her when I was just getting out of my car on Elm and she had come storming down the boulevard wearing these bad ass pants that just caught my attention.  I saw her again just as I crossed the street on 4th and saw those same pants in the window of the boutique. I asked her if they were the same pants, she laughed and said, “Yep! I’m the owner!” And that’s when I knew I had to learn more about those hot pants she was wearing even as we had light rain that day.

12938322_10208252680171366_6148999671990406658_nThe pants have wrap around features with up the thigh side splits in the legs which is where the wrap features come in with a back elastic.  They come in small, medium, and large, and are $48.  I have to say they are worth it because of their unique look and style.

These pants are very sassy and sexy at the same time, and wearing them you will be turning heads all around. Perfect for summer fun and are found in only one stylish design.  They are best worn with a cute white top. Even Lorie will tell you that.  Since I lost weight I challenged myself to try on a pair of her snazzy pants to see if they’d fit.  And wouldn’t you know it, I tried them on and they fit.  I was so excited that I treated myself to a pair.

They felt really good, were not too tight.  And because I’m short, they are the perfect length.  They will go great with my low healed strippy summer sandals.  I picked up a white chiffon top from another one of my favorite stores that will go perfectly, and is the perfect ensemble for after I get married in Las Vegas this summer.  So how much did the entire set me back?  Just under $70.  But let me tell you, for those pants, I probably would have become obsessed with them if I had not picked them up when I did.

You can follow Lori’s boutique, 4th and Elm Boutique at any of the following:

Instagram: @4thandelmboutique

I’m always looking for a good boutique and as I ride around this city in which I live I have to say I have found one of the absolute best.  This is why I have always wanted a boutique of my mine.  Lori’s fashions are not what you would typically see in boutiques.  In fact I would say they are one of a kind finds in her store.  And she brings summer a whole new look in being stylish and fashionable.

Men’s Room: From Male’s Photo

As part of being a fashion stylist (or a fashionista) one of the things I like to do is take a gander at men’s looks.  Whether fashion, male models, men’s lifestyle as it relates to fashion, play and entertainment, it always amazes me at how men today take being noticed to the next level.

So, as I was logging in to my blog account, I always like to scroll through the blog news of the many blogs I follow and I came across to see what was going on there and low and behold the ever-so-handsome Andrea Denver, one of London’s most handsomest who comes by way of London’s Mtg. Group.


Ok, ladies, here he is.  But remember to jump on over to to see more photos of this handsome young man.

Photo from

Bridal: Choosing a Wedding Veil for the 2nd Marriage

Getting married the second time around is a new chapter for every woman considering walking down the aisle again, exchanging vows to share their life with someone new, and hoping this is the last time they make this journey, unless it’s to renew their vows.  The question is do you go with the same traditional marriage or do you go with something more toned down, or do you do something altogether different?

BridalDressSo, my boyfriend and I after almost 20 years — whom I’ve called my husband up until now — are going to be exchanging vows this year, making it more official (and, of course, legal).  He is determined to keep it simple as possible, meaning he has even decided that I will not be wearing the traditional wedding gown, or any wedding gown for that matter, but rather a nice dress and shoes.

It took me a while to get used to the idea of “simple” only because I wanted what I did not get to have when I was married the first time.  And for him I wanted to be the most beautiful bride I could be for him.  Wear an elegant gown, a beautiful veil, and shoes to die for.  Instead, I chose a beautiful two piece chiffon jacket and dress ensemble, I will be wearing a pair of silver high heel strappy sandals, and at first decided not to go with a veil, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could go with something less conventional.

If I do not go with this dress piece, it will definitely be something that will make me look sexy and beautiful, and show off my weight loss.

Veils have changed not so much over the past decades.  In fact they are even more beautiful and more elegant that even some brides are breaking tradition even in their first weddings going with more bling in their veil wear or no veil at all.

I shopped around and found this beautiful piece.  After I saw a bride in her wedding photos sporting a similar style, that made me make up mind right away.  It was between a hat or this bridal piece.


I chose this one because of its classy appeal.

It is a hair clip that can be clipped securely into my hair.  the flowers are woven into the net piece, and presents a beautiful ambiance for that magical moment when I say “I Do.”

The flowers are perfectly set and creates the perfect look I’m looking for.


I will be beautiful on our day.  At first I was not going to wear a veil or head piece because of how simple we are keeping the ceremony.  But me being me couldn’t get away with having a little something that I wanted to fully complete the look.

There is nothing wrong with doing something different as long as it makes you feel like the bride you always wanted to be, even if it’s eloping or just having a small, but intimate ceremony.

If you’re getting married again and you need help trying to find the perfect wedding attire and you want something less traditional, but is elegant, that fits within your spending limits, email me at Together we can find the perfect look for you.

Fashion: Lace Gives Jeans a Sexy Look

I am the ultimate girly girl.  I love lace!  It will be said that I have a major thing for lace.  Much so every since I was a little girl.  Even more so as a grown woman.  There is just something elegant and classy about lace, that if worn properly and tastefully, you can be the one everyone will be talking about.

Ok, so my baby girl…meaning my 21-year old daughter is now an expecting mom to be.  I’ve been looking online for her some really nice maternity clothes or clothes she can wear to work and when she is not working and look really cute and trendy.  She’s petite, and likes to look hot…hot…hot, even on her worse days.

x354-q80In the midst of my search, why did I come across these attractive jeans.  They are fun, flirty, sexy, and are everything I’d wear in my much older age of 49.  Just because I’m getting older does not mean I have to dress like it.

I like these because they are different.  And I am all about different.  They have a unique quality to them and says you’re not afraid to bend the rules of fashion when it comes to setting trends on all levels.  Those shoes aren’t too shabby either!!!  I would so rock these jeans with a killer top which would have to be chiffon with a hint of lace on it, too.  If you’re going to do, do it right!

image_b8dad38c-e43d-46a8-974f-0a1f0f458c65_1024x1024Don’t want the blue denim?  Not to worry!  They’re also in white.  I found a similar pair in black also, but I didn’t like them as much as I like the blue denim and the white.

These are perfect for going to the nightclub, a special event that calls for a new spin on dressing up and being seen, or just turning up the fashion scene altogether.

I’m always one for unique fashion trends. It’s about setting the bar high.  Taking risks with all the right elements.  And the best thing about it is you don’t have to spend a fortune.  If you’ve read many of my posts you know that as a mom, I’m all about looking for that right bargain.

You can find these on starting at around $17.99.  But shop around.  You can find them for more or less depending on how much you’re willing to pay.  Be sure to checking sizing to get the right measurements and the best fit.